Monday, September 29, 2008

Holy Guacamole!

Ok. Between Hurricane Ike, who devastated Texas and other parts of the nation (leaving us without power for days--- some in the area for more than a week) and just the every day crud that life throws at me, I haven't had a chance to update much. If at all. Ok. At all. :)

So, you ready for the impulses of this redhead????

I'm gonna paint the hallway. Soon. Very soon. In fact, don't put it past me to have the ceiling and baseboards taped off sometime this week. And don't put it past me to have it started some evening this week. Even when Aaron shakes his head and groans. You know I'm gonna do it. And I have the perfect color in mind. Of course, whether or not Aaron thinks it's the perfect color.... we'll see. hahahhahaaha!

The stupid cricket in Toad's cage just started chirping.

I may rearrange the house along with this painting frenzy that I am in. How, you ask? Oh, what a terrific question!!! We have a lovely huge room where we spend most of our time. Our TV is in this room, the fireplace, the entrance to the backyard... the kitchen opens up to this room. But we only use half of it. The other half is taken up by a dining table that we hardly ever use. Oh wait. We use it to pile junk upon. Which irritates me constantly. CONSTANTLY. So... I'm considering moving the dining room ensemble into the actual dining room, which currently serves as our sitting room, and moving the sitting room furniture around the fireplace. Aaron isn't sure about this yet, and to tell you the truth, neither am I. But it's an idea that is niggling in the back of my brain. And you know how those ideas tend to niggle and wiggle and jiggle....

Any other impulses? Oh yes. I've applied to grad school. Going for my Early Childhood Intervention Specialist degree and certification.

Hm....the darn cricket in the toad's cage is driving me nuts.

We went away for a weekend trip this past weekend. Just us. No TPJ or Starbuck. It was kinda nice. I think I slept more than I have in a very long time. Which explains why I am awake at 1:23 am. Sigh. Of course, I was almost asleep at midnight when TPJ came in and said that his tummy hurt. I got up with him, and I've been up ever since. The great room is now dusted though. And the cat food has been put into a bin to protect it from the ugly possum that dared to show it's face in my garage. And the kitchen floor has been mopped. And the dining table has been cleared off. LOL!!!!

I need to get up in about 4.5 hours. Aaron said I wouldn't get up early to go swimming. Ha. I will so. SO there! If I don't hit my snooze button four times, that is....

I wish that toad would go ahead and eat the cricket. Seriously, it's driving me NUTS.

On that note, this redhead who is actually a brunette (oh yeah) for now, is going to try to go to bed and get some sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you applied to grad school? I would have thought you had enough on your plate right now, but GOOD LUCK crazy lady!

I like the idea of moving your dining room table, but surely you would have to move the computer desk etc. in order to make room? I hate it when tables become crap collecters too!! You could really get creative with that nice big room!

Looking foward to lunch this week. Don't dare cancel out on me (again) :p