Monday, October 06, 2008

Crazy Me

I'm in a manic cycle. Last night I had a compulsion to organize things. I rearranged rooms. Cleaned counters. Scrubbed walls. Did laundry. Cleaned. Cleaned. Cleaned. Rearranged. Lots.

And then I had a panic attack before I went to bed. I hate those. Hate not being able to breathe, hate feeling my stomach clench up. Hate feeling my heart race. Hate feeling lost and as if I were drowning in a dark dark well of water.

So now I'm ok again. I think. HA!

So Starbuck amused me to no end today. The child is, as I've mentioned before, a wee bit stubborn. So we had lasagna for supper tonight. She likes to shake parmesean cheese on her pasta. That's my girl, you know. Because I love love love cheese. But I digress. So after she makes a royal mess, I take the cheese away from her and it gets put in the fridge. She freaks. FREAKS! She screams, cries, and literally turns herself BLUE from holding her breath. I take her out of the high chair and sit her on my lap, trying to distract her while not giving in to her. She's distracted for a minute or two, but keeps pointing at something. No matter what I offer her, she shakes her head no. Finally, I put her down and say, "Fine, get what you want then."

She walks over to the fridge and tries to open it. I open it for her. She gets out the parmesean cheese. No joke. And since I told her to get what she wanted, I had to give her the cheese. Aaron and I had to struggle not to laugh at her. She's so funny.

Not more to say. My house is beautiful. My deck is clean. My cats are affectionate. My dog is jumpy. I have fresh flowers in my house. I have beautiful mums on my front porch. My house is decorated for fall.

And I'm only a little crazy. LALALALLALAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

only a little?

Anonymous said...

Yeah....some of us know better Netter!! ;)


Anonymous said...

sounds like your hands are full daughter:) mom is recovering at my house, if you get a chance, give her a call, she will be there thru the end of the month, love ya, Mom