Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mother Knows Best

Ok. Mama, if you read this, this is for you. At least, the first paragraph... :):)

So I was on my way home from work yesterday evening. My low fuel light had been on when I went to work. And when I came home from work, it was obviously still on. So I stopped at a gas station. But shoot. It wasn't a pay at the pump gas station. And darned if I was going to go IN to the gas station. I figured I'd made it this far, I'd make it home and probably out to a gas station later. Yeah. Not so much. I literally RAN OUT OF GAS at the bottom of the hill in front of my house. Good thing I had a gas can full of gas in the garage. I got enough gas into the car to get to a gas station. But I'll never let my tank get below 1/8th of a tank again. I promise, Mama. LOL!!!

Aaron got a visit by the police last night. I was out with a friend and he called me. He said, "Guess who we just got a visit from?" Turns out that Starbuck managed to dial 911 on the phone while Aaron wasn't paying attention. So they came to check on things. Kinda made me giggle. Ok. Really made me giggle. If you ever can't get through to us at home, try us on our cell phones. The likeliehood is that Starbuck has found a phone and it is off the hook. She loves to talk on the phone. So if you get a phone call and all you hear is, "Hi" on the other end and a lot of heavy breathing, it might be Starbuck. :)

Ok. That's it. Over and out.


Tammy said...

OMGoodness... I did that for the forst time about 6 years ago. It was snowing and I thought I could make it home. Doug was so frustrated at me because I had money, I was just trying to see if anything was cheaper.

You have been on my mind lately too. :o)

My txting is back too ;O)

Tyler said...

I've never actually ran out of gas, but I've had several close encounters.

Once, on the way home from a Fall Gathering, I passed up a gas station, just as my gas light came on. I can get about 50 miles on my gas light. We didn't get to another exit with gas for 47 miles.

Another time, I drove extensively on my gas light, because I've learned pretty much exactly how far I can get on my gas light. When I finally stopped to fill up, I put 13.498 gallons into my tank. My tank hold 13.5 gallons.

I knock on wood when I tell the stories and begin with "I've never run out of gas". I know one day it's going to catch up with me. I just know it.

Mel said...

Love that little girl, she makes me smile....
Asl Rick what happened when he ran out of gas once....

Anonymous said...

I've ran out of gas several times :(

Oh, and Connor called 911 when he was 18 mths old and the police showed up at our door!


Anonymous said...

well daughter, one thing about learning "the hard way" is that the lessons tend to stick in the brain better :), at least you were close to Mom