Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Grandpa and His Girl

Last night, the kids and I were up at my in laws. My nephew celebrated his 7th birthday yesterday and afterwards, we went to visit at Nanny and Pop Pop's. Pop Pop was sitting outside, watching a bonfire burn down. We pulled up some chairs to sit for a while and enjoy the over all fall-ish-ness of the evening. TPJ announced that he wanted some marshmallows. So Pop Pop got up and headed towards the house to get some marshmallows. Starbuck ran along after Pop Pop and held out her hand to him. They began to walk down the road, hand in hand. There they were, sihlouetted against the light, the perfect picture of a Grandpa and his Girl.

That picture filled me with so much longing. I hope that my girl and her grandpa will have the closeness that my grandpa and I had. I miss my grandpa nearly every day. It's not always a sadness, it's not always a grief that is inside my heart. It is sometimes a memory, a thought, a wondering of what Grandpa would think or say about something.

Starbuck is still at Nanny and Pop Pop's. She fell asleep there and is staying for a night or two. She's getting that time with her Nanny and Pop Pop. And hopefully someday, she'll have the relationship with them that I had with my grandparents.

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Kris said...

I know exactly what you mean. I still miss my grandma all the time. I wish she had been able to meet her first great granddaughter, but I am thankful that Leah still has two of her own grandmas to love.