Saturday, June 06, 2009


Love. Respect. The love she needs, the respect he deserves.....

It's an awesome book, really. I wish it weren't so awesome, in some ways.

Things have been rough in my marriage for some time--- all marriages go through it, I know. But this book, well, it puts things in a different perspective, and darn it all, my pride really hates that.

Anyhow. I like my new profile pic. This was a dress that my gma wore back in 1959. Awesome, eh? And the hat came from a beautifully wonderful friend. Too perfect, I think.

Ok. Off to surf I love the missed connections. Seriously. :)



love ya, jenette; sorry we didn't get to officially say 'bye before you left GA the other day!

Anonymous said...

Love the dress. Looks great on you. Teach