Monday, June 08, 2009

Wanting to Write

Just wanting to write here.

Starbuck is a HAM. The child. Oh the child. Ever since she got her ear tubes back in March, she's been talking up a STORM. She had a hearing loss, and the tubes have helped to reverse that. She's quite the mouthy one, as a result. Her favorite phrase? "No WAY, Momma!" Ooooo, guess how that burns me up? :) She discovered that she likes swimming. Lots. Refused to take a nap the other day because she was anxious for Daddy to set up the new swimming pool. ""My POOOOOOOOl" is what she kept screaming. For 20 minutes. Seriously.

And TPJ? When did he grow so much? He lost a top front tooth on Friday. He looks like a KID. A kid. He's got those freckles across his nose, his daddy's eyes, and his mama's knack of muttering under his breath. "I'll go to bed when I want to go to bed," he says as he's being threatened with an early bed time. But he's amazing, despite his almost 7 year old attitude. ACK! He's almost 7!!!!!!!!!

And I'm starting summer school. Teaching, not learning. Though that's one of my goals, to get my paperwork done so that I can go ahead and finish that Master's Degree. :):) I love summer school, and am looking forward to hanging out with my students in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Off to bed.

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