Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eleven is Steel....

So we made it through eleven years of marriage so far! It seems odd to me. I have now spent about a third of my life with the same person. He hasn't killed me and I haven't driven him insane. Pretty good, doncha think?

Wanna know what he gave me for our anniversary? Let me just say that it tops last years present, which was an amazing present, perfect even! This one--- even better.

Have you seen the movie, "UP," --- you know, with Dug? (Look, a squirrel!!) Well. The beginning of that movie gave my marriage a new life. There's a wonderful montage in the beginning. It goes through Carl and Ellie's life, including some heartbreaking disappointments. They are always saving up for their big adventure, but unfortunately, it never happens--- because life does. Ellie passes away before they can realize their greatest dream together, and Carl is bereft without her. He doesn't realize until later, that the greatest adventure was their life together---including the bumps, the heartbreaks, and the good times.

That montage made me realize at a very crucial time, that I wasn't ready to give up on my adventure quite yet either. I was at a hard spot. Not wanting to stay with Aaron if things didn't change, and I was sure they wouldn't ever change. So did I jump ship or try to bail water? Ugh. After seeing that movie twice in one week, I decided to bail water. We both did. And we've dumped quite a bit of the dirty and unnecessary water out of the boat that is our marriage.

So--- ready to know what he got me? An adventure fund jar, a scrapbook, and a travel guide.

And if you're wondering-- the traditional gift for the 11th anniversary is steel. I think the jar lid is steel. LOL

So Aaron, here's to a few more adventures together!


Mimi said...

So beautifully written Jenette! Thank you for sharing this with us.


Happy Belated Anniversary!

It's worth the trip, don't you think?? ^_^

(BTW, I'm posting from 38,000 feet, prolly somewhere above Rhode Island at this point in the 1.5 hr. flight to NYC. A li'l relaxation trip w/two girlfriends--through Tuesday. HOORAY FOR FALL BREAK!!!!)